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Create a Project

Once your session starts, SWAN will first show the Projects view. A Project in SWAN is a special type of folder that you can use as a container for your work on a given topic: notebooks, input/output files, other subfolders, etc. As will be explained later in this help panel, a project is also the unit of sharing in SWAN: you can share a project with your colleagues and thus provide them with everything they need to run the notebooks you created.

From the Projects tab, you can create a folder by clicking on the + button. You will be then asked a name for the project and, if you do not provide it, a default one will be chosen.

Once the project is successfully created, you will be automatically redirected inside it so that you can start adding content to it.

Create a Project from git

SWAN also allows you to create a Project from a git repository. In the Projects view, you can click the Download Project from git button and enter the path to the repository. Please note that you need to append .git to the URL of the repository. For security reasons, only repositories in Github and CERN Gitlab are allowed.

Alternatively, if the git repository has an Open in SWAN button, you just need to click it and its contents will be copied into a new Project.

Protected repositories

The repositories with visibility set to 'Private' or 'Internal' in Gitlab cannot be cloned by simply pasting the repository path. To clone these repositories create a Project access token and then modify the repository URL to https://<username>:<token>@<normal_repo_URL>.git