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Check what others share with you

The Share view (accessible by clicking on the Share tab) also allows you to manage the projects that others have shared with you. Those appear in the Projects shared with me list, together with their name, size, user that shared them and date of sharing.

By clicking on a Project's name, you can have a preview of its content: you can browse the files of the Project and open them in read mode. For instance, if you open a notebook, you will see a static version of it where you cannot modify nor run cells, just see their content and output. If you want to accept the share and edit the Project, you will need to clone it.

By hovering over a Project, you will see a Clone button appearing. If you click it, you will be asked for the name you want to give to the project and, by hitting Clone again to confirm, the contents of the project will be copied into your CERNBox. Immediately after that, you will be able to work with your new Project.

Please note that the contents of a cloned Project are a copy of the original ones. This is due to the fact that Jupyter does not currently support concurrent editing of the same notebook file by multiple users. Therefore, any changes you make to the Project will only be applied to your CERNBox.